• Inheritance Policies: From Object-Oriented Systems over Business Processes to Analysis Rules in Data Warehousing
    Prof. Michael Schrefl (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria)

Accepted Papers

We have accepted eight submissions out of 21 full paper submissions. This gives an acceptance rate of 38%.

  • When Grammars do not Suffice: Data and Content Integrity Constraints Verification in XML through a Conceptual Model
    Jakub Malý and Martin Necaský.

  • A Framework for Cost-Aware Process Management: Generation of Accurate and Timely Management Accounting Cost Reports
    Moe Wynn, Wei Zhe Low and Wiebe Nauta.

  • Improving Remote Collaborative Process Modelling using Embodiment in 3D Virtual Environments
    Erik Poppe, Ross Brown, Jan Recker and Daniel Johnson.

  • Letting keys and functional dependencies out of the bag
    Sebastian Link and Mozhgan Memari.

  • Automatic Data Transformation: Breaching the Walled Gardens of Social Network Platforms
    Martin Wischenbart, Stefan Mitsch, Elisabeth Kapsammer, Angelika Kusel, Stephan Lechner, Birgit Pröll, Johannes Schönböck, Wieland Schwinger and Manuel Wimmer.

  • Using Formal Concept Analysis for Ontology Design and Maintenance in Human Resource Recruitment
    Hui Ma, Klaus-Dieter Schewe and Dominic Looser.

  • Optimal Selection of Operationalizations for Non-Functional Requirements
    Amy Affleck, Aneesh Krishna and Narasimaha Achuthan.

  • Using Schematron as Schema Language in Conceptual Modeling for XML
    Jakub Klímek, Sobeslav Benda and Martin Necaský.